Relax And Sleep

Is Sleep Deprivation Ruining Your Life?

Sleep is the foundation of your life.  Sleep deprivation affects every area of your life including your health, stamina, relationships and even your career.  The decisions you make and your ability to handle life's problems are dependent on the quality of your sleep.

Lack of sleep can lead to you being irritable and snappy.  You may experience difficulty concentrating and get regular headaches.  You confidence and self-esteem can be ruined by sleep disorders.  Chronic sleep problems also appears to be the single biggest trigger for depression.


The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

A growing number of scientists are discovering that the sleeping Brain does something to solidify memories and process newly learned information.  With most people routinely getting far less sleep than they should, some experts are starting to wonder if the lack of sleep is having a real, but unrecognized, effect on society's brainpower and creativity.

Recent research is revealing that sleep is essential, not only to brain function, but to the proper function of every bodily organ.  Sleep researchers can point to a whole list of problems and diseases connected to sleep deprivation.

  • A 19 year old college student with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder (manic-depression) has too much energy to sleep for six nights running and experiences uncontrolled mania.
  • A 67 year old man with prostate problems wakes up to go to the bathroom half a dozen times a night, and one morning he has a heart attack.
  • A healthy man of 30 gets half his required sleep - four hours a night - for a week and ends up in a pre-diabetic state with the metabolism of his grandfather.
  • An 82 year old woman falls and breaks her hip, maybe for the same reason that a 43 year old truck driver slams into a barrier at 3 A.M. - inattention and slowed response because of partial sleep deprivation.

The need for sleep is so strong that without enough of it, people can't even muster enough willpower to stay awake to save their lives.  Sleep deprivation can come with a high cost.

The message is clear: get your sleep or suffer the consequences.

How To Enjoy Great Sleep

If you have difficulty falling asleep, the information you will discover on this site could change your life.  You'll find many practical ways to relax your mind and body naturally, without having to take sleeping pills.  Sleeping pills can promote sleep for a few nights but can trigger sleep deprivation in the long term because you can develop a tolerance for them.

Sleep deprivation is a serious problem.

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