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Strong Warnings Not To Use Them

Ever since the American Academy of Pediatrics decided that babies should sleep on their backs the baby sleep positioner has become a hot product.  It wraps around the baby in such a way as to keep them from turning over and, heaven forbid, sleeping on their stomach.  I'm all for laying  babies into the crib on their backs, but a baby sleep positioner?  Maybe that's going a little to far.

A group of leading pediatricians and some federal regulators agree with us, in fact, they take it one step further.  They are urging parents to stop buying these contraptions, and for stores to stop selling them and for manufacturers to stop producing them.  They are blaming the deaths of 12 infants on them and want them off the market.

The deaths have occurred due to suffocating or becoming trapped between the positioner and the crib frame.  The other problem is the false claims that some of the companies are making.  They are claiming their product reduces the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), when in fact, no research can back up the claim.  At the present time this product has not been banned, but a strong warning has been put out.  The claims of false advertising are being looked into and there could be more to the story in the near future.

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Sleeping Baby

When the American Academy of Pediatrics suggested that putting babies to bed on their backs as a way of reducing the number of SIDS victims I'm not sure the baby sleep positioners are what they had in mind, but I could not say for sure.

Babies sleep better when the are on a regular schedule.  At the same time each day they get fed, shortly after they get a clean diaper, and shortly after that they are laid down for a nap or for the night.  It's a routine that is learned and accepted by babies and when the head hits the mattress sleep will soon follow.  To force a baby, by means of restraints, to stay on their backs is just wrong.  A tired baby, one that is on a schedule, will sleep soundly.  If you are that concerned about them being on their stomachs, try peaking in on them from time to time.

If a baby is not quite ready for sleep it is very possible they may move around a bit.  This is part of the learning and growing process.  This is a little alone time to see just how things work.  Like the arms and legs and how they can make you turn over.  This is all good stuff, don't take it away from them with a baby sleep positioner.

If you already use one, or if you are thinking about it, do some research.  Pop into some parenting forums and do some searches for more information.  If they really are dangerous, like they are telling us, do you want one in your babies crib?

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