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Are bedbugs keeping you from getting a good nights sleep?  All over the nation these little pests are making life miserable for a lot of people.


bedbug on skin

These unwanted insects had been with us for centuries but somewhere during the 1940's and 50's we got a handle on them.  Thanks to a chemical called DDT.  In 1972 DDT was banned for being to toxic and nothing since then has seemed to work as well.

Where I'm at in Arizona it must be too hot for these pests, but in places like Ohio and New Jersey they are taking over.  They cause itchy red bites that can become infected if scratched.

The types of bugs infesting the the U.S., and other countries as well, are very resistant to common household pesticides.  This has caused homeowners to try more toxic types of bug killers.  These chemicals can have adverse effects on humans so you should use extreme caution when bringing your outdoor poisons indoors.  You do not want you, or your family, to come in contact with chemicals that can cause cancer, irritate the eyes and damage the central nervous system.

The Environmental Protection Agency says they are working on finding the perfect treatment for bed bugs and that we just need to be patient.  They advice using common sense also.  Be careful with the chemicals you use in your home and be very careful about what your professional exterminators are using.

One not so bright exterminator used chemicals meant for golf courses inside an apartment complex.  I'm not sure if he got rid of the bugs or not, but he did manage to get the entire complex quarantined.  Seven tenants got sick and all the rest had to move out.

A treatment that seems to work, although very expensive, is baking them out of your home.  A crew comes into your home with ovens, and room by room, they bake the bugs into oblivion with temperatures exceeding 113 degrees Fahrenheit.  Another tactic being used are bedbug sniffing dogs.  These guys can find them anywhere in your home, but you still have to get rid of them.  They might have something if once found, the dogs would eat them.

New York City recently spent five hundred thousand dollars for it's bedbug battle plan.  This includes training for professionals and a web portal where freaked-out residence can find common sense advice.  San Francisco, Chicago and Cincinnati all have similar projects.

The official name for these little pests is Cimex Lectularis.  To keep them out of your bed try these simple common sense lines of defense.

  • Reduce clutter
  • Seal all cracks and crevices in your home
  • Vacuum often
  • Dry infested cloths at high heat
  • Use a special mattress cover

Hopefully a safe treatment will be available soon, but until then, be smart and don't jeopardize your health in the battle against these most unwanted insects.

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