Benefits Of Meditation

And Some How To Tips

The benefits of meditation are many, and they all lead to overall better health.  Better health always leads to better sleep.  So let's take a closer look at meditation and see if we can get you to give it a try.

Meditation reduces tension and anxiety.  This is one of the major reasons people begin to practice it.  Through meditation, your body and mind find the peace and quiet they need, on a regular basis.

meditating woman in chair
Woman Meditating In Chair

Meditation is well known for having many different healing properties.  Some of the benefits of meditation include the ability to cure sickness, reduce pain and lesson many other health issues.  One reason for this is the reduction in stress.  Stress can cause an array of health problems, so when you learn to manage your stress your body becomes healthier.

One of the benefits of meditation I love is the improved concentration.  Meditation teaches your mind to focus.  Daily meditation exercises this area of the brain so that when you need to concentrate it becomes easier.

When you body is healthier and your brain more focused you also become more intelligent.  So if you want to be smarter, and who doesn't, start meditation twice a day and see what happens.  Here are a few easy ways to get started.

I was one of the early users of transcendental meditation.  Remember, this is what the Beatles traveled to India to learn.  It's pretty simple actually, you need a comfy place to sit and a mantra.  You can sit anyway you feel comfortable, if you are like me the lotus position is out of the question.  You next need a mantra, you can use mine if you like, it's "Iing", "oomm" works just as well.  The benefits of meditation are plentiful with continued practice of transcendental meditation.

You will sit, get comfortable, take a few deep breaths and then start repeating your mantra, silently to yourself.  As you are doing this your mind will drift.  At anytime you notice thoughts in your head immediately start saying your mantra.  As you practice and progress you will go for much longer periods of time without thoughts.  This is the goal, to practice enough that you can go fifteen minutes without any conscious thoughts at all.

All meditations work pretty much the same way, you focus on something to eliminate your self talk noise.  Breathing meditation is another way of doing it.  You will be concentrating on your breathing, watching your stomach going up and down.  After a dozen or so times start to count on each exhale.  Each breath is a new number.  Keep breathing deeply and slowly and counting.  Your thoughts will interrupt the process, they always do.  When that happens just start the counting over from one.  Anytime you get interrupted start over.  Again, the idea is to rid you mind of thoughts by concentrating on your breathing and your number count.

The body scan meditation is another good one to learn.  A version of this is also one of the best known sleep secrets that can be used a bedtime.  You will be concentrating on your body parts.  You can start with a hand.  Is it warm or cold?  You can ask it to tingle and it should.  You can even ask it to raise in the air and it will.  A little practice is needed for this to work, but when it does it's pretty cool.

Feel each arm, your shoulders, neck and head.  When you reach the top you can work your way down to your toes.  Linger at each body part feeling all you can feel and then continue.  Thoughts will interrupt this process, when the do you can either start over, or go back the place you were at before the interruption.  It will take some practice but at some point you should be able to take fifteen to twenty minutes and get a good feeling from every part of your body.

As you get better at this one it's fun to change it up a little.  You can do like I mentioned earlier and make you hand float.  You can also make your hands and arms heavy to where you could not move them if you had to.  If you want a warm feeling, concentrate on it.  "My hand feels warm and getting warmer, it feels like a heat lamp is directly over it, it feels good".  If it's mid summer and you would rather be cool you can chill your entire body in a matter of minutes, if you practice.

walking meditation
Walking Meditation

One of my favorite ones is the walking meditation.  With just a little practice you will surely feel the benefits of meditation.  You exercise the body while clearing the mind at the same time.  Here you are just going to concentrate on your legs.  Feel the muscles working, feel the temperature and anything else you can about your legs.  You could also do your swinging arms if you like.  When you are interrupted by thought, go back to your limbs and concentrate.

There is some training involved to get good at meditation, but you don't have to be good at it to enjoy the benefits.  You will be doing a lot for your overall health by just getting started.  The benefits of meditation will increase the more you practice it and better you get at it.

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