Best Insomnia Cure

The Best Insomnia Cure Could Simply Be "Stop Interfering With Nature"

Research suggests that the best insomnia cure might simply be "do nothing".  A Gallup poll showed that 52% of our population suffers, to some extent, from insomnia.

taking sleeping pills
Taking Sleeping Pills

Each year more that four billion sleeping pills are sold but pills are not the cure.  In fact, except in truly pathological conditions, nothing could be easier than sleeping.  It requires no doing at all, it is complete not doing.

Insomnia isn't something that happens to you.  It requires doing on your part.  We fail to go to sleep because, for one reason or another, we interfere with the automatic processes by making efforts.  The trouble is that we do not realize that we are interfering, or just how we are interfering.  Only when you realize what it is you are doing that keeps you awake, will you be able to stop doing it.

Relax and Sleep

You can also learn how you can begin sleep passively relaxed.  Most people do not relax fully even in sleep.  They wake up as tired as when they went to bed.  Learning how to relax could be the best insomnia cure for you.

Learn how to begin sleep in a completely relaxed way and you will sleep that way all night.  Your ability, or inability, to go to sleep quickly depends as much, or more, upon what you do and don't do during the day as it does upon what you do when you go to bed.

You cannot work or play in a tense, anxious, frantic state all day and expect your body to relax all these accumulated tensions automatically the minute your head touches the pillow.

If you carry accumulated tensions to bed with you, you must not expect sleep until the tensions have been relaxed away.  Yet this is exactly what most people expect.  When you do carry accumulated tensions to bed with you, you must be willing to relax them away patiently.

There is no need to waste time scolding yourself because you allowed yourself to get tense.  Begin to relax away your tensions quietly and methodically.  Sleep will come when you prepare your body for it.

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