Better Sleep

Just Follow The Golden Rules

Try these simple ways to get a better sleep each and every night.

1. Stop turning around in the bed if you are not getting sleep.

The more you toss around and try, the harder it’ll be for you to fall asleep.  Getting 8 hours sleep does not mean spending 8 hours on the bed.  7 hours of restful sleep is more efficient than sleeping 6 hours and tossing around 2 hours.

Also, if your mind gets used to tossing around in the bed, it might become an habit, making it more and more difficult to fall asleep day by day.

Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock

2. Get up at the same time each day.

A regular waking time strengthens these rhythms, facilitating onset of sleep on a regular time. Once your sleep-wake cycle normalizes, you must go to bed at the same time everyday resisting all temptations like watching television, reading, etc. close to bed time.

3. Follow a bed-time routine.

Following a relaxing bed-time routine like having a bath and meditation sends signal to the brain that it’s time for sleep and automatically prepares the body for it.

Avoid engaging in stimulating activities like watching television, conversing, staying in bright lights and worrying during bed-time.

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