Cause Of Insomnia Illness

And Secondary Insomnia

The cause of insomnia illness, sleep problems and other sleep disorders, can often be related to health conditions.  Psychiatric and physical illnesses may disrupt sleep and produce symptoms that can easily be mistaken for insomnia.  These other disorders require medical attention and common treatments to rid yourself of sleepless nights.

sick man sleeping
Sick Man Sleeping

When Insomnia is caused by a psychiatric disorder most often depression, or a medical disorder, most often chronic pain, it is termed Secondary Insomnia.

Secondary Insomnia may be relieved by successful treatment of the primary psychiatric medical disorder.

Additionally, behavioral methods that target the sleep disturbance itself and may be quite beneficial especially if some sleep disruption remains after effective treatment of underlying disorder.

Psychiatric Sleep Problems

Insomnia, especially with awakenings earlier than desired, is one of the most frequently reported symptoms of depression.  Insomnia is also associated with anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders and other conditions.

Treatment of the underlying disorder, often including both medication and psychotherapy, can help improve your sleep.  However, additional and specific treatment for the insomnia is warranted.

Medical Sleep Problems

Medical illnesses can disrupt sleep and produce symptoms of insomnia.  For example, arthritis, headaches, benign pro-static hypertrophy and other conditions can cause, or worsen, the problem of insomnia.

Such medical problems usually require the attention of a physician who can diagnose and treat the underlying condition.  Treatment of the underlying cause will result in improved sleep.  However, in some cases specific treatment for insomnia also will be needed.

Below are a list of other possible causes for your insomnia.

Cause of Insomnia Deficiencies

Cause of Insomnia Environment

Cause of Insomnia Life Style

Cause of Insomnia Psychological

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