Cause Of Insomnia Lifestyle

And Resulting Sleep Problems

The cause of insomnia lifestyle may be the use of stimulants.  Caffeine near bedtime, even when it doesn't interfere with falling asleep, can trigger awakenings later in the night.  Nicotine is also a stimulant, and smokers may take longer to fall asleep than non-smokers.

Be aware that the ingredients in many common drugs, including non-prescription drugs for weight loss, asthma and colds can disrupt sleep.

Use Of Alcohol

glass of wine
Glass Of Wine

A glass of wine may help you fall asleep quickly, however, alcohol consumption is likely to produce interrupted sleep beginning a few hours after falling asleep.

Erratic Hours

If you do shift work (work non-traditional hours, such as nights or rotating shifts), or maintain later hours on weekends than during the week, you are more likely to experience sleep problems.

Maintaining regular hours can help program your body to sleep at certain times and to stay awake at others.  Establishing a routine is important.

Inactive Behavior

People whose lifestyles are very quiet or restricted may experience difficulty sleeping at night.

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