Choosing The Best Mattress

What Is Your Buying Motive?

Comfort should be your first concern when choosing the best mattress.  Sure, price is important, but if you fail to get a good nights sleep for years to come because of a bad decision, you have ultimately made a poor investment.

Do some research before you go into the store.  Based on product reviews, sales information and possibly prices, you should be able to come up with a handful of brands and models that you want to try out.

bed shopping
Bed Shopping

When you narrow down the search, try them out and make a choice, you then need to decide where to buy.  You have done your research, and you know before going into the store, what you would have to pay online for each mattress.  Don't let the store get the better of you.

There is a lot to be said for buying local and don't automatically walk out if the price is a little higher than what you expected.  The most obvious advantage is that you can usually have it the same day.  Another might be delivery and set up, many local stores are willing to do this, and for many this means a lot.  Warranty issues handled at your local store can be a plus also.

Supporting your local economy is important.  If we bought everything online what would our neighbors do for jobs?  But at the same time, we all want a good deal.  Often times, if your local store knows you have been shopping online, they may make you a deal to get your business.

Aside from comfort and price there are other factors you may be interested in learning before your local shopping trip.  You may want to know how eco-friendly your mattress is.  This has become important in all of my buying decisions.  Your investigation may also tell you the life expectancies of the mattresses you are looking at.  As an investment this is an important figure.  Allergens are another factor that may be important to you, if so, investigate that quality in the choices you have made.

If you find the perfect mattress, in all ways but one, that being the price, you may want to explore your other options.  There are quality beds in just about every second had store in town.  Check the thrift stores, used furniture stores and even the flea markets.  Some of these places even handle new products at reduced prices.

As you are doing your best mattress research you will probably be considering latex.  It is the product most recommended if you have allergies and can also be the most expensive.  High quality latex mattresses are recommended for those with sensitive skin and bronchial allergies.

When shopping for latex, be weary of the really low priced ones.  The latex used by some foreign suppliers is substandard and will not give you the quality mattress you are expecting.

Another consideration when choosing the best mattress is the cover.  A breathable cover wool cover will probably be your best choice.  It will also be the most environmentally friendly one.  Tencel is another fabric you may be considering.  It is made from wood pulp and is also environmentally friendly.  Either one would make a good mattress cover.

Choosing the best mattress requires research and a lot of trying them on for size.  Not for me, thank goodness, I can sleep on anything.  But not everyone can, so take your time and buy the best mattress for you.

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