Deep Breathing

To Relax And Reduce Stress

Deep breathing is a common way to calm down and relax.  Relaxation is the process by which one can bring about feelings of balance and calm within the mind and body.


A relaxation technique that is utilized in Yoga and other meditative practices is deep breathing.  This can be done anywhere; at home, at work, in the car while driving to and from home.  It is meant to lower the blood pressure and release the tension in the muscles.

stress at work
Stress At Work

Let’s assume you are working on a deadline.  Your neck is starting to hurt and the tension is becoming unbearable.  Stop whatever you are doing and just sit up straight, shoulders back, close your eyes, and breathe deeply.  Continue this for about five minutes. Not only will this relieve the tension and relax you, but will also rest your eyes as well.

We don’t realize how long we sit in front of a computer staring at the screen.  It can cause neck and shoulder pain, as well as muscle ache.  Nothing is that important that you cannot take five minutes to relieve the pressure.  It’s all in a day’s work.

Choose a Different Path

Deep breathing is just one way to reduce stress.  Other ways may work just as well.  As we go about our daily lives, sometimes we fall into a rut.  We take the same route to work or the grocery store; we walk the same route to the park or corner store; chores are done in the same order, and dinner is at the same time night after night.

One of the ways to relax is to slightly alter what we do on a daily basis.  Instead of watching the nightly news, which can be stressful, try watching a documentary or biography.  Tune into the food network or watch a really good movie on Lifetime.

Instead of walking the same path to the grocery store, take a different route through a park.  Take a walk after dinner, or sit out on the patio for after-dinner coffee, weather permitting.  The idea is to change your routine.

The more we become stuck in a daily routine, the more bored we become, and boredom leads to monotony, and that leads to tension.

Dinner and a Movie

When was the last time you went to a movie or had dinner out?  Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that can put you in a total state of relaxation.

While we tend to take care of everyone but ourselves, once in a while it’s good to get out of the house and let someone else prepare the meals and serve it to you.  If you have children, contact a friend or family member and set up a date with your friends for a night out.

Perhaps you haven’t had the time to see them in quite a while, and you need a break.  Call a few friends, choose a good movie and restaurant, and plan on a night with the girls.

Catching up on news and discussing good times is a wonderful way to reconnect with close friends who brought laughter and fun into your life.

Enjoy the moments shared. It’s a gift you owe to yourself and you will not only treasure the time spent with them, but will have a wonderful and relaxing evening that has been long past due.

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