Doing Without Sleeping Pills

For A Good Nights Sleep

Have you considered doing without sleeping pills?  There are a couple of good questions puzzling the scientific community these days, why we need to sleep and why we can't sleep.  Many of the reasons we can't sleep are obvious, like to much stress, to much caffeine, heartburn or an overindulgence in alcohol.

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Can't Sleep

Insomnia is what you have when you can not sleep, for whatever reason.  Chronic insomnia is when it happens on a regular basis, for no appearant reason.  This could effect the way you fall asleep, the way you maintain sleep or the quality of your sleep.

Insomnia can effect anyone at anytime, it is however, most prevalent in women.  The older the women are the more likely this will play a part in their lives.

Some of the treatments include:

  • Medications
  • Light therapy
  • Behavior management
  • Improving sleep habits
  • Controlling your sleep environment
  • Correcting sleep misconceptions

One of the biggest problems people have with insomnia is not seeking help.  They tend to go for the easy way out, the pills.  They are available with, and without, a prescription.  With instant sleep so easy to get, why would anyone want to look further into the causes and other remedy options.  Doing without sleeping pills is just not the easy way of solving the problem.

The Journal of Family Practice reports findings that simple behavioral and psychological treatments work as well, if not better, than over the counter sleeping pills.  The American Journal of Psychiatry uses the findings of 21 different studies to report that behavioral treatment was more effective than sleep drugs, and without the side effects.

Some of these behavioral modification treatments are so simple many people can't believe they could be effective.  For example, stimulus control is one therapy, where a person cannot watch TV, eat, or read in bed.  You go to bed only when you are sleepy and it is used only for sleep.

This behavioral strategy encourages you to get up the same time every morning and to not take cat naps during the day.  If you go to bed at night, and can't fall asleep after fifteen minutes, get up and so something relaxing for a while.

Other simple modifications you can make in your life are getting regular exercise and avoiding caffeinated beverages near bedtime.  Planning your evening meal so that you are not going to bed hungry, or stuffed from a large meal, is helpful in many cases.

After trying some simple behavioral modifications you are still not getting a good nights sleep it might be time to seek professional help.  A sleep therapist will be able to give you additional relaxation techniques and hopefully get on the the path to better sleep.

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