Getting The Kids To Bed

Take The Fight Out Of Bedtime

For some parents, getting the kids to bed can be the worst time of day.  They are tired, the kids are tired, and tempers can get out of hand.  If bedtime is a real hassle in your home, read on, and maybe this will help, because it does not have to be this way.

A proper bedtime routine needs to be started as early as possible in a child's life.  If this is how they are raised the later years go so much better.

Getting The Kids To Bed With A Bedtime Routine

child ready for bed
Ready For Bed

A bedtime routine is important and should be followed at the same time every night.  When my kids were young I took on the bedtime duties for our three daughters.  By this time of night mom was pretty much sick of them and I made this a special time for just me and my girls.

At seven thirty we would hit the bath tub or the shower.  By around eight we were in bed reading a book.  All three gathered in whatever room the reading was taking place, all three as close to me as they could possibly get.  When the story was done they were carried off to bed.

They all looked forward to the bedtime routine, it was enjoyable for all of us and there was never any fighting about it.  So, establish a pleasant routine and stick to it.  Let them know seven thirty is bath time, eight is bedtime, and that's the way it's going to be.

As the kids get older more stuff needs to be added into the routine, it will need to start earlier.  In order to be in the shower by seven thirty the homework will need to be done, so maybe that starts at six thirty, or right after dinner.  The practicing needs to be done also, maybe just before dinner.

By the time the kids are in junior high the bedtime routine can begin the moment they get home from school.  My kids always got an hour to chill.  This was usually their TV and socializing time.  After that the routine began.  By bedtime the practicing was done, the chores were done, the homework was done, the bodies were clean and the bedtime reading was done.

You may have gotten the point, I like a bedtime routine, and think it's the best way to get kids to bed, on time, without the bedtime fighting.  I have one last tip to leave you with, leave the TV's out of the children's bedrooms, they do not belong there.

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