Help You Sleep

Create An Ideal Sleep Environment

In order to help you sleep your bedroom should be tranquil and inviting.  Make it comfortable and conducive to sleep.  Eliminate ambient light and any noise that could disturb your sleep.

If possible, reserve the bedroom for sleep and sex. Conduct other activities-reading work-related material, watching TV, paying bills, and disciplining your children-in another room.

Inviting Bedroom
Inviting Bedroom

In time, this will create the expectation in your body that the bedroom is where it goes to relax and rest.

End the Day with a Calming Routine

Go to bed about the same time every night.  Create a routine that prepares you for sleep.  You may already have some kind of program you follow before you go to bed-locking the house, brushing your teeth, maybe reading a little.  A pre-bed routine is a way of telling your unconscious that it's time to sleep.

Do a Relaxation Exercise

Taking a few minutes to do a short relaxation exercise just before getting into bed is an excellent way of letting go.  This doesn't have to be elaborate.

Great benefits can be gained by simply lying on your back in the corpse pose (hands at your sides, palms upward, feet slightly apart).  Close your eyes, and systematically address every part of your body. Start at your scalp and move toward your toes.  Begin by softening your forehead, eyes, face, and jaw.  Tensing and then releasing each muscle group help tight muscles loosen, especially those in the neck and shoulders.

Continue giving attention to each area of your body-the arms, the trunk, and the legs-until you reach your toes.  Surrender to gravity.

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