How To Relax At Home

Both Your Mind And Body

Let's see if we can help you with this problem of how to relax at home.

Generally when we are ill our mental grip, as well as our physical strength, is impaired.  We find it hard to concentrate, lack will power, have difficulty in remembering things, and so on.  A body that is sick lowers the efficiency of the mind as well.  The reverse, too, is true.

in bed sick
In Bed Sick

Do you know that mental ills can easily upset the physical health of the body?  That is one of the most important among the facts revealed in this section.  Physical fitness, nervous health and success and happiness are all wrapped up together.  And we can only hope to achieve our aim if we know how our nerves fit into this picture.

This section explains the relationship between mind and body so that you will learn to control both.  It tells you how to relax at home systematically so that a few minutes will enable you to obtain physical and mental refreshment.

Did you know that what appears to be physical illness may sometimes arise purely through "nervous" causes?

Did you know that people sometimes fall ill just because the unconscious part of their minds realizes that it would suit their purpose to do so?

When you know these things, when you know how to avoid the pitfalls of ill-health and how to climb the heights of fitness, your progress through insomnia - and through life itself - immediately becomes smoother and more satisfactory.

With the twin servants of your mind and body working harmoniously together, your success and happiness are assured!

Learn How To Relax At Home

It is generally agreed that life today is more hurried, more noisy and more nervously exhausting than at any previous time.  Town dwellers live at a pace that would have been inconceivable to our grandfathers.  Even the countryside has been invaded to some extent by bustle, speed and noise.

The strains that this imposes are due to the fact that this is an age of transition.  Not because we ourselves are changing - it is hardly conceivable that even mankind could learn to live without rest and quiet sometimes - but because the circumstances in which we live are undergoing change.

If we look forward to a better state of adaptation in another half-century or so, it will not be because man is better adapted to the industrialized environment, but because conditions will be better adapted to man.

We see this trend towards quieter conditions even today.  But meanwhile, we have to live in conditions as they are.  And if we are to stand the modern pace, we need to take advantage of every method of steadying our nerves, conserving our energies and replenishing our resources.  Learning how to relax at home is a good first step.

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