Insomnia Causes

And How To Treat Them

Insomnia causes could be attributed to a number of different sleep disorders and sleep problems in you life.  Researchers are still learning about the functions of sleep, how we fall asleep, what happens while we sleep and how we wake up.

Sleep will remain a mystery to science for many more years which is why there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every insomnia sleep disorder problem.  Discovering the insomnia cause is important if you want to treat it in the right way.  Most people suffering from sleepless nights may just resort to taking a pill.

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People often do more damage to their systems by their reaction to their insomnia than is done by insomnia in the first place.  It should help to look at the ways sleep can go wrong in general to think about how sleep could be going wrong for you in your own particular circumstances and environment.

Below are some of the most popular types of insomnia.  We discuss the cause and the cures.  Find the insomnia cause that best fits you and learn more about it.

Cause of Insomnia Environment

Noise a cause of insomnia environment such as traffic, airplanes, television and other noises can disturb sleep even when they don't cause the individual to wake up.  Exposure to bright light prior to sleep can delay sleep onset, while light entering the bedroom can shorten sleep.

Cause of Insomnia Illness

The cause of insomnia illness sleep problems and other sleep disorders, psychiatric and physical illnesses may disrupt sleep, and produce symptoms that can easily be mistaken for insomnia.

Cause of Insomnia Lifestyle

The cause of insomnia lifestyle may be the use of stimulants like caffeine near bedtime, even when it doesn't interfere with falling asleep, can trigger awakenings later in the night.

Cause of Insomnia Psychological

Vulnerability the cause of insomnia psychological.  Some people seem more likely than others to experience insomnia, just as some people tend to get headaches or upset stomachs.

Cause of Insomnia Deficiencies

Vitamin Supplements may be used to provide you some relief from your cause of insomnia deficiencies.  Working at night could be your problem.

Cause of Insomnia Energy Disharmony

Insomnia can be caused by energy imbalances in our body. The specific time of our sleep disturbance can indicate the exact organ meridian that requires attention.

You may also want to learn about the effects of working the night shift.

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