Insomnia Cure Honey

Use Honey to Induce Relaxing Sleep

Insomnia Cure Honey

Honey is said to have sleep inducing properties making it a useful insomnia cure.  Dark honey contains more antioxidants than light-colored honey.

There was a study done to examine honey's effect on human blood.  In the study, researchers checked the blood of 25 men aged 18-68 over five weeks.  They found drinking four tablespoons of honey mixed into a 16-ounce glass of water improved the antioxidant levels in their blood.

spoonful of honey
Spoonful Of Honey

Honey also contains vitamins B1, B2, C, B6, B5 and B3, all of which change according to the qualities of the nectar and pollen.  Besides the above, copper, iodine and zinc exist in it in small quantities.  Several kinds of hormones are also present in it.

Approximately one half of the human diet is derived directly, or indirectly, from crops pollinated by bees.  Today honeybees are an essential part of a healthy agriculture economy.

Below are some of the benefits of honey:

  • Honey is a sedative, anti-fungal and nourishing.
  • It Soothes tissues and helps retain calcium in the body.
  • It is Antibacterial and great for both internal or external problems.
  • Honey is considered to be a Swiss army knife in the world of alternative medicine.
  • Honey can boost in immune system.

In Greek Mythology, it is said that cupid dipped his arrows in honey to fill the lovers heart with sweetness.

Honey can be used in herbal teas or mixed into warm milk.  A great, relaxing, drink that might work wonders on you insomnia is a glass of warm milk with a drop of vanilla extract and one teaspoon of honey.

Here are some other natural insomnia cures you could try.

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