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Relaxing Fear Could Be The Cure

Banishing the fear of insomnia and finding the best insomnia solution for you might only happen after some trial and error.  We all have different lives with different personalities, so what might keep one person awake, may send another into deep sleep.  There is no one-size-fits-all miracle cure.  You have to find the right insomnia solution that fits you.

Not everyone who has insomnia is kept awake by worries and problems.  Every insomniac in not trying to punish him or herself.  There are many other things that can cause insomnia.

But, there is one common denominator in all insomnia; there is one factor that is always present.  This big factor is fear of not being able to go to sleep.  When you overcome the fear of insomnia, you go to sleep.

relax and sleep
Relax And Sleep

This brings us back to relaxation, for relaxation banishes fear.  When you let your muscles go, you let your fears go.  This relaxation technique insomnia solution can be the solution for different types of insomnia simply because learning to relax can be one of the most important and powerful techniques you can ever learn.

It will also help you banish the fear of insomnia if you understand that no one ever loses the ability to sleep.

Your Body's Natural Rhythm

The physical-training director at Bill Brown's Health Farm, met many executives who claimed to have lost the ability to sleep naturally.  One man claimed he had not had a night's sleep, without some sort of medication, for the past twenty years!

Yet this same man was sleeping more soundly and more restfully than he had in twenty years, after one week of studying how to get natural sleep through relaxation.

Your body no more forgets how to sleep than your heart forgets how to beat, or your lungs how to breathe.  You can upset any bodily function by consciously doing things that interfere with it.  But you do not have to do anything drastic to bring it back to normal.  All you have to do is stop interfering, and to let your body do it's own work.

When you stop being tense, your body adjusts itself automatically to it's natural rhythm.  Numerous tests have shown that prolonged insomnia does no permanent damage to your physical machine.  It may damage the performance of the machine as long as you suffer from it, but it doesn't hurt the machine itself.  Low octane petrol does not damage your care.  All it does is reduce it's efficiency.  Start using high-octane petrol and your motor performs as well as ever.

An occasional bad night does not even reduce your operating efficiency the next day very much.  You can think just as fast, or perhaps faster, and you can do almost as much physical work, except that you will expend more effort in your thinking and your working.

It does not really matter whether you go to sleep quickly, or whether you sleep soundly, on any particular night.  Loss of an entire night's sleep does no irreparable damage to your body or brain.

man needs sleep
Man Needs Sleep

Experiments with college students have shown that the human body can go without any sleep at all for as long as seventy-two hours, with no physiological damage.  These experiments also showed that it requires a great deal of trouble and ingenuity on the part of the experiment to keep even nervous, light sleepers awake so long.

Long before insomnia can damage your body, nature will step in and put you to sleep.

Nature Holds The Key

Sleep is still precious and we still need it.  Good, sound, restful sleep enables us to start the day off rested and relaxed.  It enables us to do our work without too much expenditure of effort.  But there is no need to grow tense and anxious about sleep merely because it is precious and necessary.  Breathing is also necessary, but we don't worry about that.  Thinking we need insomnia solutions can be enough to keep us awake.  It means you are focusing on your insomnia, thinking there is something wrong.

But when you were a baby you didn't fear insomnia.  You didn't need an insomnia solution and nobody needed to show you how to sleep, you just did it naturally, without thinking about it.

Sleep is as natural and easy as breathing, and we should think of it in the same way.  Not only is it easy and natural to sleep, but also you would find it a difficult job indeed to keep yourself awake over any extended period of time.

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