Laughter Can Relax You

So That Sleep Comes Easy

Laughter can relax you and relaxation is the process by which one can bring about feelings of balance and calm within the mind and body.

Laugh and the World Laughs With You

lady laughing
Lady Laughing

The rest of this title is, ”Cry, and you cry alone.”  Studies have shown that laughter is the best medicine, literally.  Do you know someone who has such a positive attitude that you love to be around them?  Do they make you laugh?

This is important because laughter can relax, and play an important role in your over-all health.  Now think of another person who is grumpy all the time.  How do you feel when you are around them?  Pretty awful, right?

Sometimes we laugh until it hurts, but the truth is it heals and has a positive effect on our immune system.  So laugh as much as you can, whenever you can, and wherever you can, because it's true, laughter can relax you.


One of the most effective relaxation techniques is called visualization or imagery.  Here is how it works.

Find a quiet room and get as comfortable as you can by either sitting on the floor or a mat.  If it’s in your bedroom, sit on the floor and lean against the bed.

Now while there may be stuff going on outside the door, don’t try to block it out but instead begin to visualize a place you would most like to be.

It’s your special place, so it can be anywhere you choose.  It’s peaceful there and nature is alive with sights and sounds that are comforting to you.  Imagine it; focus on it; see it clearly in your mind’s eye.

It’s a happy place where you are free from life’s distractions. Revel in it, enjoy it, and relax in it.

Subliminal Messaging

Another relaxation technique is to pre-record your own words that will inspire you, uplift you, calm your fears, relieve your doubts, and instruct you to relax using subliminal messaging.

Subliminal messaging is a process by which words bypass the conscious and enter the subconscious mind.  It could be your own words or special CDs which you can purchase online.  Choose a quiet place and listen to the words.

While you may not think they are having an effect, in fact they are.  You subconscious mind is listening and will eventually send a signal to your conscious mind rendering you fully relaxed and accepting of the words.

Fish, Fireplaces, and Food

fish in tank
Relaxing Fish Tank

You may be wondering what these three things have in common.  Well, they are all forms of relaxation.  Sitting in front of a fish tank is soothing and relaxing.

As the fish swim through the tank, the scene is tranquil and as you follow them with your eyes you begin to feel sleepy; it’s almost like a sedative effect.

Sitting in front of a crackling fireplace is also conducive to feeling relaxed and calm.  Remember the Yule Log during the Christmas holidays?  It has the same effect.

If you mute the TV and just sit in silence gazing at the roaring fire, a feeling of warmth envelops you and it can lull you to sleep. Oh, and a glass of wine can’t hurt either!

Food is another form of relaxation.  How?  Well, let’s face it; we all need a treat once in a while and what better treat than good old chocolate.  In fact, recent studies assert that dark chocolate is quite healthy for you.  Besides, when you are stressed nothing spells relief than a bar of chocolate; in moderation, of course.

Fight or Flight

When one is confronted with anxiety or stress, the body’s normal reaction is to fight or run.  The blood pressure rises, heart palpitations may ensue, vision may be distorted, and breathing may increase.  In order to fully relax, there is a technique wherein one can tighten and release each muscle of the body.

What this does is bring the body back to its normal state of relaxation.  You will know this is occurring when the blood pressure begins to decrease, the palpitations stop, and the breathing is back to normal.

Laughter can relax you, and so can these other methods.  Give them a try for a better nights sleep.

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