Brain Wave Entrainment

Meditating to Relax

In the last few months we have talked about brain wave entrainment and how it can help you to get some sleep.  Entrainment can also be used simply to help you to relax during the day.  By learning to relax during the day you will find you are better able to settle down to sleep at night.

Brain wave entrainment is also used to assist in meditation.  Because entrainment can take you into the alpha range quickly many people, including long term meditates, have found that listening to it gives them a much deeper relaxation experience than they have ever managed before.

meditate to relax
Meditate To Relax

A recent study showed that meditation can work better than a nap in making you feel less tired.  It can be a way for you to overcome your sleeplessness and feel more alert.

As well as brain wave entrainment, some Sleep Sound Audio programs use hypnosis, guided imagery and other relaxation techniques.  Entrainment is used in many other areas than sleep and meditation.  Using different frequencies various brain wave states can be induced.  For meditation you would use a different program than the one you use for insomnia.

Some Sleep programs are too long for meditation and it sends you to sleep, which you don't want, as this experience needs to be done in the waking mode.  Meditating during the day can help you to sleep better at night.

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