Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

A Better Nights Sleep For Many Users

For many, buying a memory foam mattress topper is a better sleep solution than replacing your mattress.  Having slept on one myself I can confirm the claims of a better, more comfortable, nights sleep.  The topper conforms to your body and offers support where you need it most.

Memory foam mattress toppers have a very interesting history.  The foam was first invented for use by astronauts.  They needed a special cushion for take offs and landings.  Later the foam was used as bed toppers in hospitals, where they remained for many years.  They were found to be very effective for people with burns or bed sores.  The use spread from there until they were very widely used in hospitals and clinics, where they are still in use today.

It was soon discovered that many of the medical benefits could also be achieved at home, and ever since these mattress toppers have grown in popularity.  The properties of the foam contouring around the body help with relieving the pain of migraines, neck and back pains and even teeth grinding.

There are many aspects of memory foam mattress toppers that people are not aware of, and because of this, some do not try them while others do not immediately like them and never give them enough time.

old bed
Old Bed

The mattress used under the foam toppers should be firm, the firmer the better.  So if you mattress is old, soft, and falling apart, the topper may not be the complete answer to your problem.

A new memory foam mattress topper should be allowed to air out for seventy two hours before being used.  This allows it to fully expand making your first nights sleep on it more enjoyable.  Trying it out to soon could possibly lead to you having a negative first impression of it.

Memory foam is temperature sensitive, if it is to hot it may become softer than what you like.  For maximum comfort it is advised that you not let your topper get to hot.  You can keep an AC vent blowing on it or allow a fan to keep it cool.

The chemical MDI (Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate) is used to make these foam toppers.  It was once thought to be an unhealthy chemical, but that claim has been put to rest with extensive testing.  Those that help off buying this product until the testing results were in are now reconsidering the foam toppers, and giving them a try.

Another false claim about foam toppers is that they cannot be cleaned.  You should not put them in the washing machine, or take them into the back yard and hose them down.  They do retain water, but there are ways to clean them.

To clean you simply spray the surface with a solution of one part laundry detergent and two parts warm water.  Don't soak it, just spray it.  Let the topper sit for a couple of hours and them wipe off with a damp cotton cloth.  You can then flip it and do the other side.

If you have ever considered a memory foam mattress topper as a way of getting a better nights sleep, maybe now is the time to try one.  They are not that expensive, and if for some reason you don't like it, all is not lost.  the foam is good for so many things.  Memory foam makes great pillows and cushions.  A creative person could put a topper to use in many different ways not allowing even an inch to go to waist.

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