Natural Sleep Remedies

Natural ways to get a good nights sleep

Here are some more natural sleep remedies, collected from various sources, that will help you sleep better:

  • Ensure that the room you sleep in has adequate ventilation and is peaceful.
  • Do a small prayer before retiring to reduce stress.
  • Reading good, inspiring books will help you sleep better.
  • Two drops of sesame/castor oil applied to foot and eyelids will make you sleepy.
  • A blue colored bed lamp will calm the brain and induce peaceful sleep.
  • Certain classical music ragas like Bhairavi can work wonders on hard core insomniacs.
  • Soak your feet in warm water for ten minutes before retiring.
  • Take deep breaths. With each breath you inhale, smile and imagine you breathe in happiness and positive energy, and with each outgoing breath imagine you are exhaling stress, worries and tension.

natural sleep
Natural Sleep

There are so many ways available to get a good, healthy, nights sleep.  Spend some time on our related pages and discover them all.  Try the natural way before you resort to medication.

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