Oxygen Chambers

A Cure for Insomnia

Believe it or not, pressurized hyperbaric oxygen chambers can help in the cure for insomnia and they even have a credible celebrity to endorse them.  No other than Keanu Reeves himself.

Keanu Reeves started getting hyperbaric oxygen treatments in Beverly Hills according to the National Enquirer.  He decided to try treatments to get relief from insomnia and he feels that it is working.  He has brought a portable chamber to his Hollywood Hills home and sometimes on the movie sets to administer the treatments.  He even convinced his co-star in the film Street Kings, Naomi Harris, to give it a try.


Hyperbaric chamber treatments first got attention in the 1980s when Michael Jackson claimed that the treatment would help him live to be 150.  He was largely dismissed as a quack for stating such claims, but things have changed since then.

Hyperbaric therapy has real medical applications and has already been approved by Medicare as a reimbursable treatment for special conditions including carbon monoxide poisoning and wounds that won't heal.

A large Canadian study, that was published in The Lancet in 2001, revealed that children with cerebral palsy, who were treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, had significantly more improvement compared to children who only had conventional therapies.

Studies also have shown that similar improvements have happened for people who have Multiple Sclerosis.

So if you want your insomnia treated, and also improve your overall health and other widespread applications, then why not try getting a hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

You get to sit in a large pressurized chamber and breathe oxygen through an oxygen mask in sessions that usually last for an hour.  And that's it.  You don't even need to go far for such treatments as these chambers are now available for rent.

Single bag hyperbaric chambers only cost about two grand for one month and a double bag will run you about twenty seven hundred dollars.

If you want to buy one like Keanu Reeves has, you could do that also.  The purchase price for these units runs from twelve thousand to seventeen thousand dollars.

Hyperbaric chambers measure over 34" in diameter and 105" long.  The chambers are big enough to fit an adult and a child at the same time.  They also have extra long zippers to make entry and exit easier for those who have disabilities.

So, if you want to start sleeping well like Keanu Reeves and maybe even live longer to 150 years old like Michael Jackson then you owe it to yourself to start using one of these wonder machines.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers help Autism, Cerebral Palsy, MS, Parkinson's, Athletic Performing, healing of wounds and are also effective at building immune defense.

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