Panic Disorder And Meditation

Ways Of Overcoming It

Panic Disorder And Meditation

Overcoming panic disorder is more than possible.  Don't let it rob you of your health, or keep you up all night, any longer.  There are many drugs on the market that will help with panic disorder as well meditation.

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Woman Meditating

If you are already on a doctor prescribed medication, don't stop taking it, at least not just yet.  Use the meditation along with your medication for a while and see how you benefit from the combination.  Maybe then you can ease off the medication.  Drugs are not a cure for panic disorder, but meditation can be.

The most popular medications for panic disorder are:

  • Antidepressants - These are usually taken daily and may take a couple of weeks before you feel results.
  • Anti-anxiety Drugs - These can provide quick relief of symptoms but can also be habit forming.

Some medications are for short term use while others can be used for life long treatment.  These matters are worked out between you and you doctor.

I believe that a good patient should do all they can to help their doctor.  This normally means eating healthy foods, getting plenty of rest and exercising.  Another way of getting healthy, and therefore helping your doctor, is to get into the practice of meditating twice a day.

It has been proven over and over again that meditation is the very best way of relieving anxiety and other stress related disorders, including panic disorder.  In fact, all aspects of your life should improve.

We have written a page explaining the many benefits of meditation as well as ways to get started making it a part of your daily routine.  Benefits of Meditation will get you started down the path towards good mental health.

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