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Relaxation is the process by which one can bring about feelings of balance and calm within the mind and body.


woman relaxing
Woman Relaxing

Insomnia can be caused by a variety of reasons such as: events of the day, stress, inability to relax, hot flashes, or a number of other problems that keep your mind going at a hundred miles an hour.

The first thing to do is to lie flat on your back and close your eyes.  Begin deep breathing, but stay aware of the breathing as well.  Eventually, you will fall asleep.

Another way to calm down is to focus on an object in the room.  Don’t take your eyes off of it or close your eyes, just focus on the object.  The idea is to take your mind off of whatever it is that is keeping you awake.

Here’s another tip: Have a warm glass of milk before bedtime.


Yoga has been widely known as one of the most effective calming  techniques for thousands of years.

Go to a quiet room.  Sit on the floor in a lotus position with the hands placed on the legs, palms up.  Choose a mantra, that is, a word that you can repeat over and over as you breathe in and out, such as OHM.  Close your eyes and inhale, exhale using the mantra you’ve chosen. This 10-minute exercise will calm you and rejuvenate you.


While we all know that exercise relieves stress, combined with a proper diet one can maintain a healthy lifestyle.  If you are at work and feeling tense and stressed, instead of having lunch in, take a brisk 20-minute walk.

In addition, simply going outside for five minutes not only takes you away from the stressor and the problem that is causing the stress, but also allows you to calm down and return to your desk in a more refreshed and energized.

Write It Down

Sometimes we are so stressed we can’t even verbalize what’s wrong when someone asks.  Write it down; reveal all your frustrations in words.  Let out the anger and the disappointments with words.

After you’ve finished, go out in the backyard and find a pail.  Place the papers inside and burn it.  It is said that as the smoke rises to the heavens, you become purified and you realize true karma.

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