Relaxation Stress Technique

To Help Reduce Stress and Tension

The relaxation stress technique is one of the most valuable techniques you could learn.  In her book, Mind and Body, Dr. Flanders Dunbar points out that one of the most widespread illnesses of our civilization is the inability to relax.  In her work she has found that most people who suffer from this illness do not even suspect that they have it, until it has been complicated by some other ailment.

"Teaching them how to use the relaxation stress technique to relax stress and tension is one of the most valuable techniques", says Dr. Dunbar.  There is an old saying among baseball players: "you can't hit it if you can't see it".

can not relax
Can Not Relax

Most of us simply do not realize the fact that in practically all of our everyday activities we are driving with the brakes on.  We have worked and played in a tense condition for so long that we have come to regard it as more or less normal.

We have developed a blind spot for stress and tension, somewhat in the same way that a person who works in a chemical plant for any length of time soon becomes unaware of the odors about him, simply because he doesn't pay any attention to them.

Yet, until we have learned to recognize our real enemy and deal with it, it is practically impossible for us to achieve the calm, collected, state we desire.  When we try to be calm, we make a generalized effort which usually results in making us more tense.

It is only when we come to recognize that we must deal with stress and tension, the cause, and not nervousness, the effect, then we begin to have some success.  We then direct our attention specifically to relax stress by dropping the tension that is present in our brows, jaws, arms and other parts, rather than trying to fight fear, overcome nervousness, or make ourselves calm.

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