Sleep During Pregnancy

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It is not uncommon to grapple with restless sleep during pregnancy.  There could be many reasons for these sleep disturbances.

Along with heightened anticipation for your newborn baby, physical and hormonal changes may occur, which could be contributing to your sleeplessness.  As you progress into your pregnancy, comfortable sleep positions may become more difficult.  You may find that you will need to empty your bladder more frequently.

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Hopefully we can provide some information here that will help you get the sleep you need all during your pregnancy.  Read these useful tips for improved sleep and for the important rest your body needs at this time in your life.

Surround Yourself in Water - Dr. Michael Foley, M.D. - Medical Director at Phoenix Prenatal Associates, refers to this as sub-total immersion therapy.  Here's what Dr. Foley has to say; "Being immersed into water up to your neck and just sitting there or performing exercise provides many physiologic advantages to a pregnant mom.

The water acts to push fluid underneath the skin back into the intra vascular space thereby reducing swelling and edema.  This is a perfect way to help reduce swollen feet and legs that often accompany late pregnancy.  The aches and pains of the musculoskeletal system in late pregnancy often contributes to poor sleep.

Here are a few more useful tips for sleeping well while pregnant:

  • Nap During the Day.  Gain some additional rest and relaxation by taking a Power Nap.
  • Reduce Anxiety.  Stress can be one of the biggest issues for obtaining a good night's sleep.  Less stress will certainly bring more comfortable sleep during the night.
  • Exercise.  Always get your physician's approval first, but exercise will certainly help with improved circulation.  This also helps to reduce night leg cramps, thus improving sleep.  Exercise done earlier in the day is best so that you are not kept awake at night.  Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for pregnant women, check out a local yoga studio for pre-natal yoga classes.
  • Mood Preparation.  Set the proper mood through the use of soft lighting, a warm non-caffeinated beverage, bath and a good book.
  • Massage.  A massage by your partner or a friend is a good way to unwind and prepare for sleep during pregnancy.  If you have older children, maybe they can get into the fun of a massage.
  • Seek Help.  Visit your doctor for assistance if continued sleep problems occur.

It is especially important during this time to get as much sleep and rest as possible.

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