Sleep Personality

What Is Yours?

I thought that I should do more research about my sleep personality and ran across a great article that really helped.  I was amazed to find there might be a relationship between my sleep position and my personality.

lady sleeping in fetal position
Fetal Sleep Position

A recent study found that there are six common ways people sleep and the researcher said that your personality does effect the position in which you sleep. The results of the study are below.

Six most common sleep positions:

  • Fetal, on side with bent knees (41%) = Personality: tough on the outside, sensitive, shy and quick to relax
  • Log, on side (15%) = Personality: easy-going and sociable, trusting of strangers and gullible
  • Yearner (13%), on side with arms stretched out = Personality: open natured, slow to reach decisions, suspicious, cynical and reluctant to change
  • Solider, flat on back (8%) = Personality: quiet, reserved, set high standards for themselves and others and doesn’t like a fuss
  • Free faller (7%) on stomach with hands above their head= Personality: brash, thin-skinned, outward confidence and responds poorly to criticism
  • Starfish (5%) on back with arms above their head = Personality: a great friend, happiest out of spotlight, good listeners and has a willingness to help

When I have a great night’s sleep – I don’t toss or turn and am a solider.

What position do you sleep in?

Do the study’s results reflect your personality?

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