Sleep Sound Machines

A Useful Sleep Aid

Sleep Sound Machines

Many different studies agree that humans sleep better with a certain amount of "white noise" going on.  Not everyone lives in the woods, or by a creek or an ocean.  The sounds of nature are not available to all of us.  For some it's a busy city street or possibly the steady roar of an airport.

peaceful stream
Peaceful Stream

Sleep Sound Machines provide "white noise", the kind that nature itself provides, proving to be effective in allowing people to sleep faster than without it.  The noise can be music also, not just the sounds of music, but sleep conducive none the less.

This type of sleep aid can be ordered online, and some great deals exist in cyber land, but be just a little cautious.  It's a pretty good idea to know the company you are dealing with and to make sure their return policy will allow you to send it back if you are not happy with it.

All Sleep Sound Machines are not the same, just like all cars are not the same.  The quality will vary and so will the price.  There are three main qualities you are looking for:

  • Volume - make sure the volume control allows you to adjust the sound loud enough for your needs.  Living next to an airport may require more volume than many machines are capable of producing.
  • Clarity - sound clarity is something that will matter more to some people than others.  Some people require high end speakers like Bose or they are just not satisfied, others just don't care, or can't hear the difference.  That's OK, but you want a machine with enough clarity that it won't keep you up at night.
  • Sounds - you should look for a machine with a wide variety of sounds.  You may think the sound of a trickling stream will put you to sleep without fail, but it might not.  The ocean waves may do a much better job.  Get a machine with plenty of options and then experiment to find the right sound for you.

The reasons above should convince you to shop around locally before purchasing a Sleep Sound Machine.  It's best if you test the volume and the clarity yourself, unless the return warranty on the online unit is outstanding.

After trying a unit in a store you can always come back to your computer and comparison shop.  Friends and neighbors are also good ways of finding a unit that meets your needs.  If someone you know is using one with success, take a look at it and try it out, it might be just the model you need.

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