Sleep Tips At Bedtime

Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

We started with sleep tips and then sleep tips in bed. And now we continue with sleep tips at bedtime.

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  • Take a vow of abstinence.  There is a flip side to this tip.  It is well known that men tend to fall asleep immediately after sex, and there is a reason for this.  Sex releases an endorphin in men making us want to rest, or sleep.  If you have a partner,  and you are intimate on a regular basis, we do not recommend you change a thing, in fact, you are probably not even reading this because lack of sleep is not a problem for you.
  • Let’s get physical. No, I’m not necessarily talking about that. Jogging works too. Exercise is conducive to sleep because it puts strain on the body. When you physically engage your body, your brain will compensate for this by increasing the length of the deep sleep stage. The best time to exercise is late afternoon or early evening. This is so the ensuing drop in body temperature will coincide with your designated bedtime.
  • Don’t eat heavy meals in the evening. Your digestive system slows down during the night, so your system will use a lot of energy digesting late meals—energy that should have been used to rejuvenate your body! So, avoid heavy eating before bedtime.
  • Take a steaming hot bath for around 20-30 minutes. Taking a hot bath will provide a quick rise in body temperature followed by a drop. You should take a bath around two hours before bedtime so the drop in body temperature will coincide with your designated bedtime. Taking a bath more than two hours before bedtime may only make it more difficult to fall asleep since body temperature may still be too high.
  • Get off soft drinks. Most soft drinks contain caffeine—the bottom line is that you should moderate soft drink consumption, or stop it completely.

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