Sleep Tips In Bed

More Ways to Waste Less Time in Bed

Sleep tips in bed continues the section started with  Sleep Tips.  In this series of pages we provide many different ways to get a good healthy nights sleep.

  • Relax your facial muscles. Most people who try to relax are mostly concerned about relaxing the body. Full relaxation goes for your face too.

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    Stop Looking At The Clock

  • Stop looking at your alarm clock. If you can’t stop looking at your alarm clock when trying to fall asleep, move it out sight or turn it around. You don’t want to be reminded that you can’t fall asleep - it will only reinforce the inability to fall asleep.
  • Adhere to a designated get-out-of-bed time every morning. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t slept well or slept very much. Yes… get out of bed! I thought I told you that already?
  • Don’t concentrate on falling asleep. You should never actively pursue sleep. If you stress because you feel that you must be asleep by a certain time or simply put too much effort into focusing on falling asleep, you will decrease the likelihood of your falling asleep.
  • More Sleep Tips In Bed.

  • Expose yourself to natural light (works best during daytime). As people we are designed to bask in natural light, not to be confined in artificially illuminated cubicles all day long! Get out and enjoy the splendor of the real world as often as you can. Take your lunch outside; eat breakfast on your porch or near a window. Move your desk near a window. Ordinary indoor lighting produces so little natural light that your body practically believes you’re in total darkness.
  • Make sure your bedroom is dark. I’m talking about when it is time to sleep. What you and/or partner(s) do before that time is none of my business! Geeez, how many times do I have to repeat myself here!  The same way that bright daylight signals to your body that it is time to wake up, darkness has the opposite effect. Complete darkness aids the body in the production of melatonin that is required in order to sleep.

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