Sleep Disorder

Insomnia Is Only One Kind of Sleep Disorder

Insomnia is not the only sleep disorder that can effect how you sleep at night, there are others as well.  Here are some links to other pages that deal with the many different kinds of sleep disorders.

You can stop snoring provides information on the causes and cures of snoring with an emphasis on natural snoring remedies.

Do you know what is causing your snoring?  Most people don't take what is causing their snoring seriously.  But maybe they should.  Those nocturnal snorts, whistles and wheezes can actually cause serious problems - for your health and your relationships if your snoring is keeping others awake at night.

During Sleep Problems.  Related breathing disorders such as sleep apnea can cause repeated pauses in breathing while asleep.  This can waken a sleeper dozens, or even hundreds, of times during the night.

How much sleep do you need?  Is how much sleep you are getting causing you trouble maintaining a healthy weight?  If your answer to this question is yes it may have to do with the amount of sleep you are getting, or, more to the pint, the sleep you are not getting.

Is a health condition far more serious than what most would think?  Apnea is a health condition that happens when one's breathing during sleep stops for a while, usually 10 seconds or even longer.

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Sleep apnea is the experience of breathing difficulties while sleeping.  This can range from basic snoring and go undetected, but can also become a more serious affair.

The American Sleep Apnea Association offers some great information on sleep apnea.

The Sleep Site.

Snoring Solutions That Work

Put An End To Snoring

The Night Terror Site

Hypnosis is a very exciting and fascinating subject.  It can be used to help all sorts of different problems ranging from rears and phobias to lack of confidence.  It can also help cure insomnia.  A great site to check out for lots of good information on hypnosis is 121 hypnosis.