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Before You See The doctor

We discuss snoring solutions and the troubles snoring can cause you on other pages throughout this site.  Here we give you three stop snoring tips to try before seeing a doctor.

bathroom scales
Bathroom Scales

The first one is to take a look at your weight.  Are you as fit as you should be?  Excess weight leads to snoring and loosing a few, or many, pounds may be the best place to start.  There is actually a very good reason overweight people are more prone to snoring.  It has to do with excess fat in the neck area putting pressure on the airways.  This results in the soft tissue vibrating which causes the snoring.

The second thing you should do goes along the same lines as the first.  You should try living a healthier lifestyle.  This would mean eating healthier food and exercising more.  The result of this would not only be some weight loss, you may also quit snoring.  In other words, get your house in order, before you run off to see the doctor.

The third snoring solution, when dealt with properly, reduces snoring in many people.  Pay attention to what you eat and drink at night, especially in the hours before bed.  Going to bed on a full stomach is not good for you in many ways.  As far as snoring goes, it is known to put extra pressure on your diaphragm making it work harder as you try to breath.  Your meals should be at least three hours before bedtime.

glass of wine
Glass Of Wine

Then there is the alcohol, for optimum health, keep it to a minimum.  To help your snoring condition don't drink before bedtime and don't go to bed drunk.  Yes, there is a reason.  The depressant properties of alcohol relax the throat and jaw muscles.  This results in constricted airways and snoring.

If these snoring tips are not helpful to you, maybe one of the stop snoring devices are what you need.  There is the stop snoring mouthpiece, nasal straps and anti snore pillows.

However you do it, stop snoring, unless of course you live alone, then who cares?

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