Sounds of Nature

Easy Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Stress

Sounds of Nature

Relaxation is the process by which one can bring about feelings of balance and calm within the mind and body.  When you compare the baby boomer generation to the previous one, it seems they lived their lives in slow motion.

While they were still productive in their everyday lives, they still seemed to set aside enough time out of the day to enjoy life; smell the roses if you will.  In the movie “Baby Boom” with Diane Keaton, there is a particular scene in which her character, “J.C. Wiatt” returns to New York City for an interview after retiring to a new home in Vermont.  As she is wheeling her baby up a Manhattan street, she tries to keep up with one woman who is walking particularly fast.  J.C. just can’t keep up, although at one point in her life she could have passed her easily.

The point is after becoming the most successful woman in advertising, J.C.’s life was totally focused on her job until she found herself having to care for her cousin’s baby.  The new lifestyle in Vermont slowed her down significantly, and the final outcome was that she turned down a lucrative position.

Perhaps it’s time to take a few lessons from the previous generation who worked hard, but knew when to take time out and just relax.

5 Minutes of Quiet Time for the Sounds of Nature

calming landscape
Calming Landscape

You know what they say, “the best laid plans….” All you want is a few minutes of quiet time to yourself, but you are being tugged in fifty different directions.  The truth is you can plan on spending at least 5 minutes of quiet time a day alone.

Have a family meeting in which you can ask the older kids to help with chores and perhaps have your spouse cook dinner one night a week.  Explain the importance of having this time for you, and undoubtedly they will be more than happy to help.

Whether you take 5 minutes each day or 5 minutes each night, don’t waiver or worry about the family, they can spare you for this short amount of time.  Then go to a room in your home, close the door, sit on the floor and begin deep breathing exercises.  Forget what is going on outside the door – this is your time. Take it; revel in it; and relax.

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