Stress Relief

Simple ways to Reduce Stress

Stress relief starts by learning to relax.  Relaxation is the process by which one can bring about feelings of balance and calm within the mind and body.  It is a myth to assume that in order to relax, one has to spend a significant part of the day engaged in absolutely nothing.

Conversely, some people find it difficult to sit in silence for more than five minutes.

needs stress relief
Needs Stress Relief

Is there a perfect scenario that lies somewhere in between wherein one can relax, yet not feel as if precious minutes can be utilized doing other things?

Studies have shown that without some form of relaxation, we tend to lack concentration; become tense; feel stressed more often than not; lose sleep; have poor diets; develop high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems; tend to have less energy; and are not as happy as we could be.


One of the problems we all face in our daily lives is stress. Reflexology is the means by which certain reflex points on the hands and feet can alleviate headaches, pain, tension caused by stress, and relax the body in ways we could never have imagined.

Visiting a reflexologist for treatment is not only relaxing, but paves the way for understanding how each point in the hands and feet are directly related to those parts and organs of the body that can be treated in an alternative and effective way.

More people are seeking alternative methods in the healing process.  Reflexology can be a learned technique which is has become a popular mode of bringing the body back into a state of balance and inner calm.

Massage with Essential Oils For Stress Relief

How many times have you sat at your computer desk with a tension headache or neck pain?  Perhaps a co-worker offers to give you a neck massage and the tension dissipates as you sink into your chair.  Massaging with essential oils serves the same purpose.

The scent of an essential oil can work wonders for calming and soothing while, at the same time, reenergizing and rejuvenating your body and mind.

Whether you make an appointment at a spa, have a ten-minute massage added to your weekly manicure or pedicure, or have your spouse give you a massage when you come home from a long day at the office; it’s worth the time.

Aromatherapy Candles

Have you ever inhaled a scent that brought back fond memories?  Perhaps it was a particular fragrance or the aroma coming from a bakery in the early morning hours, or maybe one sniff of the vanilla you used for baking made you smile.

Scented candles have become a popular form of relaxation.  It’s not so much the candle, as the scent that can calm you on a tense-filled day.  Having the scent of a candle fill a room can relax you even if you are cleaning the home, or working on a project, or helping the kids with their homework.

The scent’s familiarity envelops you and the serenity it offers seems to give you the oomph you need to continue with the tasks of the day.

Bath Oils For Stress Relief

Nothing relaxes a woman more than a long hot bath using scented oil.  Whether you select lavender, rose, or one of your favorite oils that seems to lull you to sleep; the muscles relax and all the tension leaves the body.

No stress; just a feeling of calm ensues and all is right with the world.

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