Tips to Treat Insomnia

Natural Ways to Treat and Cure Insomnia

The following tips to treat insomnia have helped me a lot in overcoming my insomnia and I believe will help you too in getting a deep, peaceful sleep day after day.

1. Drink lots of water.

glass of water
Glass Of Water

According to Chinese medicine, waking up many times during the night can be due to weakness of the Jing, which is stored in the kidneys.  Drinking plenty of water flushes out toxins and helps support the kidneys.  However, minimize your intake of water after 6 pm to prevent sleep disturbance due to the need for urinating.

2. Massage your body with oil 1-2 times a week prior to having a bath.

Oil massage is an effective way to de-stress.  Apart from de-stressing and relaxing, it offers host of benefits like elimination of toxins from the body, lubricate joints, improve complexion and relieve fatigue and increase energy levels.

For most people, sesame oil will do.  However, some may find it a bit hot.  They can use coconut oil instead.  One can even add a few drops of aromatherapy oils to enhance the experience.  An herbalist can specify the right blend depending on your constitution.

Warm the oil a bit.  Not on direct flame! Heat a little water in a wide bottom dish and then place the oil container over this water to heat the oil.

Massage the oil all over your body with circular motion over flat areas like abdomen and chest and straight strokes for arms and legs.  Let the oil stand for at least half and hour and then have a warm shower.

Important Tips To Treat Insomnia

3. Limit your intake on chocolates, colas or foods containing caffeine prior to bedtime.

Caffeine stimulates your brain and makes it difficult for you to fall asleep.  Same is the case with smoking.

4. Exercise regularly.

As exercising increases alertness and raises body temperature, doing it around 4 hours before time makes the body temperature fall down during sleep, facilitating faster sleep.  However, exercising close to bedtime can stimulate you and disrupt your sleep patterns.  Too vigorous (to exhaustion) exercises must also be avoided.

Our body recharges and repairs itself during sleep and the more vigorous and demanding your exercise, the better sleep you need for your body to recharge to its optimum.  But as sleep is poor in insomniacs, their bodies cannot recharge themselves, and if the routine is continued, fatigue can result.

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